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    Liquid Pear Technologies understands the importance of secure, reliable, and userfriendly technology solutions to enable the success of your business. With over 25 years of enterprise IT experience, our goal is to provide small to medium sized businesses with the same class of service and solutions without the complexity and cost.

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Whether the requirement is simple or complex, you own a small company
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We have a wide variety of skills and expertise to solve virtually any
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Disasters can come in all shapes and sizes at any given moment. Floods, fires and other natural disasters can disable entire buildings and bring down a company’s entire IT infrastructure for days or even weeks. This loss of time and making crucial data unavailable and perhaps even vulnerable – like customer files and financial records – can lead to damages that a small to medium-sized business may never recover from. Without at the very least safely secured and tested backups, even a nefarious event such as a burglary might result in a fatal loss of digital information.

Cloud Computing Can Reduce IT-Related Stress

Managing servers, backing-up your data, maintaining and upgrading software, and managing databases, are all critical responsibilities that either you or your IT staff must consider daily. More businesses are moving to the cloud and are finding it to be an effective way of managing IT.
Let’s not forget to mention its most popular benefits: saving businesses time and money.

How the Cloud Saves You Time
The cloud’s flexibility, elasticity, and self-service computing resources can be easily managed, saving you (or your IT staff) time.

SharePoint Online improves limits and makes it easier to restore documents

Mark Kashman (@mkashman) is a senior product manager on the SharePoint marketing team.

Office 365 is growing rapidly and companies are moving more of their social and collaboration needs to the cloud. Users are uploading more documents to SkyDrive Pro, teams are building numerous team sites to work with internal teams as well as with external customers and partners, and companies are establishing their corporate intranet sites.

Based on feedback and reports on how customers use the service, we've made the following improvements to SharePoint

Let our consultants show you how the right technology will increase your bottom line.


Liquid Pear Technologies is an IT services company. We are focused on the Microsoft products suite, EMC Backup and Recovery Solutions (BRS), Virtualization, and Cloud. We also have excellent experience in all of the standard IT areas like local and wide area networking, wireless, mobile computing, server, desktop support, etc.

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