SharePoint Online improves limits and makes it easier to restore documents

Mark Kashman (@mkashman) is a senior product manager on the SharePoint marketing team.
Office 365 is growing rapidly and companies are moving more of their social and collaboration needs to the cloud. Users are uploading more documents to SkyDrive Pro, teams are building numerous team sites to work with internal teams as well as with external customers and partners, and companies are establishing their corporate intranet sites.

Based on feedback and reports on how customers use the service, we've made the following improvements to SharePoint Online:
Improved file upload experience: increased file upload limit from 250MB to 2 GB and expanded support for a broader range of file types.
Increased Site collection and list lookup limits: increased site collection limit from 3,000 to 10,000 and list lookup threshold to 12 lookups.
Improved self-restoration: increasing recycle bin retention duration and turning versioning on by default for new SkyDrive Pro libraries.

These updates will be rolling out live worldwide over the coming weeks without interruption. Let's dive into the details.
Improved file upload experience
Increase file upload limit to 2 GB

We just significantly increased the default SkyDrive Pro storage per user, from 7 GB to 25 GB, with the ability to further increase to 50 GB or 100 GB. To complement this, we're also increasing the per file upload limit, from 250 MB to 2 GB. Users will now be able to upload and share larger files like CAD drawings, video files, larger project documents and more-both to their personal SkyDrive Pro and to team site document libraries. And it is possible to upload more than one file at a time via drag and drop, the standard file upload dialog box or via SkyDrive Pro Sync for Windows.

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